there are men at my house

This morning, there are men at my house.

They’re here to fix the problem in my laundry room that causes water from their shower to seep through our ceiling into our shower.  Apparently this has been going on for quite some time since there is a now a hole a bit larger than a pop can in the ceiling.  Today the men are doing lots of banging and pounding – demolition, it would seem in my laundry room.

My landlord told me they were coming this morning, but I forgot.  I’m so thankful that I hadn’t gotten in the shower a bit earlier or I might have had to answer the door in my towel.  I have no idea how what they’re doing is helping the problem rather than worsening it since all I hear is lots of noise and all I see is more debris and water coming into the shower.  As I bathed this morning, for the first time since I moved into this apartment over a year and a half ago, I was frightened.  I legitimately thought the ceiling might cave in on me.

Hopefully the men will do all they need to and fix our hole and leakage.  I hope that may I can con them into fixing our drain, as we end up standing in about six inches of water by the time we finish our showers each day.

In a couple of minutes, I’m leaving my house to visit a naturopath!  This is the 42nd medical professional I have seen for my health issues.  Well, maybe not quite that many, but there’s been at least 16-20.  I hope she doesn’t just tell me to take vitamins and sleep more and only eat fresh foods.  I’m already trying to do that I just don’t know if I can do anything more!

Here’s to health and healing and the men who are using jack hammers in my laundry room.


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