so far today…

So far today:

–My supervisor at my internship gave me a large heart-shaped cookie with my first initial on it.  She made it herself!

–My coworker at my internship texted me after I left thanking me for my work today.  So sweet.

–The roasted cauliflower I made last Wednesday still tastes great!

–My boss at work gave me a Valentine’s card with a giftcard in it, letting me know how much she appreciates me!

–My ‘buddy’ from France brought up spiritual matters over Facebook chat and said “I admire you, because you seem very in harmony with yourself and take time to develop your relationship with god.”  Verbatim.

–I get to see a very dear friend tonight.  We rarely get to hang out for the sole purpose of hanging out, so this should be GREAT.

I’ll keep you updated…


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