I love love love China.  Or, as many of my Chinese speaking friends say, “Chiner.”

There are some days when I long for China.  It’s food, it’s scenery, it’s opportunities, but mostly it’s people.  I’ve made and met and spent time with some of my very best friends there.  People who really get me because they’ve seen me at my best and at my worst.

Tonight I get to go to a Chinese Lunar New Year banquet at my university and when I get off work, I will start feeling excited.  I get so focused on what I’m currently doing (i.e. Pinterest, Facebook, blog reading) that I don’t get a chance to think “Chinese New Year event in 45 minutes!!  Excited!  Excited!”  But when I get downstairs and find my seat, it will well up in me and I will long for my home.  I will probably cry, but only if it makes me miss the Chiner a great deal.

I’ll keep you updated.  : )


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