What a wonderful weekend it’s been.  And Sunday is still to come.  When I got off of work at 5pm yesterday, I had no plans for the entire weekend, aside from the weekly breakfast I have on Sunday mornings and church afterwards.  Yet the past day, plus Friday evening, has been so blessed and full of joy.

I’m thankful that last night I got to spend time with my God-fearing man (also known as my boyfriend, or the bf) at his house.  He lives with 8 other guys…all of whom I love and am so grateful to be able to call my brothers.  They live across the street from me and are so very wonderful.  The bf and I listened to a sermon by Mark Driscoll on marriage, the second one in a series based on the book that he and his wife recently wrote.  Really good and really challenging.  This one focused on your spouse being your friend.  Your very best friend.  Another part that struck me was a question for Grace regarding learning how to allow your husband to lead you.  I generally see myself at independent, intelligent, and able to fend for myself.  I don’t need someone to show me the way or keep me in check or _____________.  I was challenged to learn how to step back and realize that God desires for women to submit to their husbands who are leading them in a Godly way down a Godly path.  I need to take steps towards not calling all the shots and being in control of everything.

I’m thankful that sometime late last night I discovered an individual by the name of Alli Rogers.  She’s a singer and songwriter, and something about her speaks to my heart.  I’ve listened to her song by the name of “Tanzania” at least 20 times today.

I’m thankful for getting to spend the morning with a very dear friend.  Today is her birthday, and she allowed me to spend two hours of it with her!  We calculated that we’ve known each other for about eight and a half years!  What a blessing to get to share life with her for so long.  May the Lord allow us to always be close and may our fondness of one another never die.

I’m thankful for getting to talk to another good friend, my bf’s sister, for almost an hour.  Life is full of joy and excitement and happiness and maybe even a twinge of apprehension and anxiousness for her right now, and getting to hear all about it is a treat!  Her birthday is coming up, and we’ve made plans for me to go down and see her next weekend!

I’m thankful for my mom, who even though she lives five minutes away from me, called me this morning to ask if the bf and I would like to join her (and my dad and brother) for lunch tomorrow at Applebee’s.  Of course!  I don’t know many college students who would turn down a free meal, especially not a sit down one!

I’m thankful that my bf got to spend the day with me today.  We thought he would be leading worship at church tonight, which is usually from 2pm-8pm.  Long day.  But turns out he was a bit confused, and because of it, we got to spend (most of) the rest of the day together!  We talked.  About hopes and dreams (sort of) for the future, discussing options and ideas.  He helped me make a spinach-strawberry-flaxseed-frozen yogurt-milk-blueberry-strawberry yogurt smoothie.  I cleaned my bathroom and he found a movie for us to watch.  We ran (in my car) to Safeway to grab a lemon (and bananas and milk and juice) and “17 Again” from the Blockbuster Express outside.  I’d never seen the movie before and actually really, really liked it.  I love how he fell in love with his wife again and learned to love the life he was living with wishing he’d done things in the past differently.

I’m thankful that afterwards my charming prince (the bf) made me macaroni and cheese at his house while I walked our friend’s dog.  He added potatoes to the mac and, boy, it was a taste treat sensation!  I was pretty skeptical at first, but he won me over.  I’ve been plotting how to add cauliflower or other veggies as a part of my secret mission to get the bf eating fruits and veggies and whole grains and the like.  Don’t tell!

I’m thankful for my sweet friend from France.  I picked her up and spent the evening making lemon crinkle cookies with her.  The first recipe from Pinterest I’ve actually used!  I love, love, love culture, and it was great to see it come through tonight!  She’s never used measuring spoons before, and the only other time she’s even seen them was as a child, playing with them in the bathtub!  Her eggs in France are yellow, not white, and they have a date on them.  She’s never seen butter so ‘small,’ although it was a full 1/2 cup stick that came in a box of four.  She hadn’t used a mixer before either.  We had so much fun, and I simply adore this sweet gift that Jesus has brought to me.  Later on, as one batch was out of the oven and another was baking, the bf and two of my/his/our friends came over to enjoy the cookies.  There was 28, and now there are none.  I guess they really were good, seeing how us girls surely ate no more than 6 (combined)!

I’m thankful for the fantastic conversation we had as I drove her back to her dorm and coming home to the guys finishing up washing all my dishes from cooking and entertaining.  What a treat!

Wow.  What a day.  God is always so good to provide wonderful things when I leave it up to him.  Like this weekend.  Tomorrow is going to be a good, good day.

May you see His blessings and all you have to be thankful for this day and everyday.  Our God is a God who provides!


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